“… your obvious commitment to helping us to better understand the financial and administrative problems of finding a suitable place was exemplary, even down to your great patience in fielding our almost daily phone calls as negotiations became more crucial. … I am still recalling some of the advice you gave us about how to handle some of the settling in difficulties, and the emotions that go with the whole business , which I know will be with us for some time yet. In all, we are absolutely positive that we did the right thing in placing the business side of this difficult, stressful and time consuming procedure in your capable hands.”

Glenys and David C,  Coromandel Valley

“… your help was invaluable and we will always be grateful.”

Anna and Peter B,  Dernancourt

“The paperwork alone is an onerous task so for you to facilitate that was wonderful. We were lucky to be offered a place so quickly and we respected your knowledge of the facilities available.”

Heather and Jack Z, Banksia Park

“I would like to say how much I valued your calm, professional manner. I am absolutely amazed and stunned at how quickly you found a placement and especially over the Christmas and New Year period. I can’t stop telling people that I meet how impressed I am with your services and I wish you both every success in the future with all your enterprises.”

Victoria H, Collinswood

“I would like to say how much I valued your calm, professional manner. Thank you for your support and caring for not only my father’s well being but the rest of my family.”

Debra T, St. Agnes

“… thank you for your excellent attention and service. From the time of the first meeting with you I felt a weight of worry had been lifted from my shoulders and from the bag of paperwork I had been carrying back and forth to the hospital. … You understood, soothed and solved.”

Rosemary B, Glenunga

“Thank you so much for everything you did for me (us) during this time. Knowing that I had someone to guide me through all the rigmarole made it so much easier and reduced the stress and emotion so much for me.”

 Louise H, Hawthorndene

"I will be very pleased to recommend you to my GP and to anyone I meet who needs highly efficient, ethical and sensitive service."

Jennifer C, St. Georges

“We were so happy that you were able to place Mum so quickly. Things just have seemed to fall into place so well. We really appreciate all your kindness and expertise. We certainly have no hesitation in passing on your details to other people!”

Donna, David, Mark & Kim Flagstaff Hill


“We thank you so much for your advice, assurance, guidance, discernment and very thorough service to our family.  You have brought peace and calm and clarity at a difficult time. God bless your family and your business”

Gabrielle, Margaret, Matthew & Emma, Athelstone


“Both Mum & Dad are now placed. 

Jeff heard his Mum laugh yesterday, something we haven’t heard for a long time. Both had always been so full of life until the recent 12 months.

You both made this process so much easier for us all by just being the people you both are. Our best wishes to you both and thank you once again.”

Jeff, Cheryl, Wayne & Yvonne, Happy Valley


“Many thanks to both you and Anthea for you great advice and support to our family.

Mum says she is excited to be going into her new room today, and we believe we have found the best room, together with the best care for her, thanks to your guidance.

It certainly was an intense week for us all, but we end it as one, believing we have a great outcome for Mum.”

Rod F, Melbourne

“After hours and hours of pouring over forms, websites and reviews looking for helpful information with a view to finding Permanent Residential Care for my aged mother, someone told us about Anthea and Andrew Boden, who are Age Care Directions. 

After a quick look at their website, it appeared they were exactly who we needed.  A phone call had us meeting them within a few days and my mum placed in a home of our choice within a week.  

Now, it's not quite as simple as this sounds, there is still much to discuss and consider and information to amass, but Anthea and Andrew helped take many of the unknowns and much the sting from the process.  They provided information about best steps forward, and the order in which to take them. They helped narrow our options by asking informed questions and helping us understand implications of various decisions. 

One meeting gave us all enough to go on with and very soon we were presented with offers to consider various places for mum.  

Anthea and Andrew's combined experience and knowledge, their intuitive and gentle manner, their quick action and understanding of the aged care system helped make what is a very difficult time on many levels, a simpler process than we would have otherwise experienced.  They were able to break down components of the decision, make them more manageable and allow us to concentrate on the important aspects rather than become overwhelmed with the process.

I suspect if we had not found them, mum would still not be in care, we would still be amassing paperwork and feeling stressed and frustrated.

Thank you Age Care Directions.”

Camilla, Kensington Gardens

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