Strong Advocacy - Case Study

Sometimes this job has such highlights. One happened today with a successful placement of a gentleman who was awaiting Residential Care placement for over 9 months. He is a 67 year old man, married with children who has the unfortunate diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia. This is a type of Dementia that is characterized with challenging behaviours. His particular behavior was that when he needed his incontinence pads changed he became aggressive and hit out at carers.

This is very problematic for carers and as a result the Residential Care facility transferred him to hospital and did not want him back. From hospital he was transferred to a Geriatric Assessment Unit and as his behaviours continued, he was then admitted to a Psychiatric Campus for management.  Not really an appropriate fit for an older person that does not have a psychiatric condition, however there was no other option for a long term stay. The difficulty for the family was that the campus was located on the other side of the city, a journey of approximately one hour each way.

We became involved to find a permanent Residential Care placement. There is no treatment for this kind of behavior and we had to wait until his symptoms progressed and he no longer exhibited these behaviours. We kept in contact with the family and finally, about 8 months later, they contacted us to say indications were that the dementia had progressed and the challenging behaviours were no longer evident.

So we set to action, revised all the documentation and lodged applications to quality Residential Care facilities close to where the family lives. We spoke to the clinical staff requesting a summary of how to care for this man, which we could onforward to the facilities. We became aware of a vacancy that would suit him very well, so we advocated strongly on his behalf.

With follow up and us liaising with the facility admission staff, a placement was offered. We immediately contacted the family who viewed the room. They were thrilled with what they saw, accepted the offer and we arranged admission for later that week.

Unfortunately that was not the end to the story. We phoned to check on how the admission was progressing, only to hear there was a delay due to problem with the discharge medications. We contacted the campus and informed them that if the transfer did not take place the following day, the room would no longer be offered to this man.

Fortunately, there was a happy ending, and he was admitted the next day. He has settled in very well and the family were very pleased with the outcome.

Through our experience, know-how and advocacy, we were able to guide this family through a very complex and stressful situation, and achieve a successful outcome for them. We believe that our advocacy and follow-up with the facility and the campus were critical in achieving this result.

We offer our Residential Care placement service where we can find you a good quality facility to move to. If difficulties arise and the placement is not straight forward, we are able to advise and guide you through the process, and also advocate on your behalf, until a successful outcome is achieved.

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