Retirement Accommodation

Retirement Accommodation

Finding the most appropriate Retirement Accommodation for you

If you are concerned that your current residence may not be suitable for your retirement, Age Care Directions can guide you regarding the various options available. After all, moving residence involves a major lifestyle change that’s best dealt with by knowing all the options available and which ones best suit you.

Age Care Directions are able to meet with you and outline the Retirement Accommodation choices that best suit your needs. There are numerous options available, including making a few alterations and remaining in your own home, relocating to a Retirement Village or an Independent Living Unit, or if your health has deteriorated significantly, moving into Residential Care.


How Can We Help?

Age Care Directions offers our Retirement Accommodation service, where we provide tailored advice to you, enabling you to consider suitable accommodation options that closely meet your preferences and budget, with a focus on you being able to remain living independently in your chosen accommodation for as long as possible. 

This service includes a free phone consultation followed by a visit to your home where we will discuss your accommodation preferences and inform you of the options available.

When we meet with you we can;

  • Inform you of the various Retirement Accommodation options available.

  • Outline the costs you will be required to pay

  • Assess your health to determine the suitability of the various Retirement Accommodation options for you

  • Make you aware of services and amenities that you should consider

  • Research and shortlist suitable facilities for you to consider, saving you the time and effort of doing so yourself

  • Advise and connect  you to In Home Care services you may wish to access now or in the future  


Our objective is to ensure that, when considering your Retirement Accommodation options, your decision is based on what’s most suitable for your current and your longer term needs, so this process needn’t be repeated in the near future.

Why use us?

There are many reasons why you might consider engaging our services either for yourself or your ageing parents;

Being Fully Informed

When we meet with you, we will make you fully aware of all the important considerations you should take into account prior to making a final commitment to your choice of Retirement Accommodation. While at this stage you may not require certain amenities, such as provision of meals or a dining room, or a carer being on site, these services may of great benefit to you in the future. We encourage you to consider these services and amenities when you make your choice of accommodation.  

Eliminate Stress

While many are aware of the need for a change of residence, few are aware of the stress that arises from having to find suitable alternative accommodation, then having to make the move.  Age Care Directions are able to ease your stress by guiding you through the process, recommending good quality accommodation alternatives, and explaining the costs.


Since its inception in 2005, Age Care Directions has assisted hundreds of elderly individuals and their families. By tapping into this vast experience we are able to provide guidance, simplify the process of sourcing suitable Retirement Accommodation and help you achieve a successful outcome.

Planning for your Future

Although  you may not need to consider a move at  this point in time, it can be of great benefit if you gather information now to help you plan ahead. For example, the optimal time to move into a Retirement Village is for people aged in their 60’s or early to mid 70’s. From a health perspective, it is important that you have no serious health problems and can live independently. If you leave it too late to make the move, your health may prevent you from doing so. And financially, generally the longer you reside in a facility, the less the financial impact exit fees will have on you.


We are able to advocate with the Retirement Accommodation facilities on your behalf and confirm that they closely meet your preferences. We can also provide you with their contact details, costs, availability and a description of the facility, including the amenities and services they offer.


While we are not licensed to provide financial advice, we are able to explain the various fees and charges that apply to Retirement Accommodation and provide you with an estimate of the amount of those fees you will pay.

Retirement Village Accommodation

If you wish to consider moving into a Retirement Village there are several factors you should be aware of which may be critical to your final choice of Retirement Accommodation, including;

  • the purchase options

  • the different accommodation options available, eg; independent unit, apartment etc.

  • the fees and charges you will be required to pay- in addition to an entry cost and ongoing maintenance fees, there will also be significant exit costs, which will vary between facilities

  • other important factors to consider when making your choice of facility, such as;

    • what is the amount of the deferred management fee that will be charged when you vacate the unit?

    • when will you receive payment of your exit entitlement?

    • what provisions are in place with respect to payment of fees should you need to move into Residential Care?

    • what amenities the facility provides, eg; community hall, dining area, swimming pool?

    • what services the facility offers, eg carer on site?

    • is the facility located near to shops and public transport?

    • what is the policy regarding visitors staying with you?

We will inform you of these important considerations, as well as undertaking an assessment of your health to determine your suitability for Retirement Village accommodation, as it is essential that you are able to live independently in this type of accommodation.



We offer a free phone consultation and when you decide to engage our services we can visit your home and provide you with the assistance you require. We are available to meet outside normal business hours. 

Our service includes a meeting with you and providing a written report. After we have met, we are still on hand and a phone call away, should you have any questions or require further assistance with accessing Retirement Accommodation.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more