Residential Care

Founded in 2005, Age Care Directions is driven by our passion for helping older people and their families to find the best possible Residential Care (Nursing Home) placement. Age Care Directions has assisted over a thousand families in Adelaide with this difficult and complex decision. We have proven knowledge and experience with placing older people in quality Residential Care (Nursing Home) facilities throughout Adelaide, including the Fluerieu Peninsula, Adelaide Hills and the Gawler District and can also liaise with family members living in the country, interstate or overseas.

This service aims to assist people who are elderly and are no longer able to manage within their own home, and require placement in Residential Care (Nursing Home). This could be due to their deteriorating health either physically or cognitively.


How can we help?

Age Care Directions offers a full application service that is personalized to your needs and aims to find you a placement in Residential Care, with the focus being on the quality of care provided by the facility.

This service includes a free phone consultation followed by a visit to your home, where we will undertake an assessment of your health and care needs.

An outline of our Residential Care (Nursing Home) placement service is;

  • we impartially recommend Residential Care facilities with a focus on the quality of care they provide and which are near to your preferred location

  • all required paperwork is completed

  • the placement process is outlined and checklists are provided to you

  • an explanation of the fees and charges, the options for payment and an estimate of the amount you will be required to pay

  • assist you with completion of the ‘Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment’

  • lodgement of applications

  • providing you with the facilities’ contact details and tour times

  • advising you of offers of placement and then arranging for you to have a viewing of the facility

Age Care Directions facilitate the whole process but it is always your decision whether to accept the offer of a placement.

And if you are a couple and both requiring placement in Residential Care, we can assist by obtaining placement for you both in the same facility.

We are also able to assist you when Residential Care placement is urgent, eg; if you are in hospital, are ready to be discharged and are unable to return home, 

Why use us?

There are many reasons why you might consider engaging our services, either for your ageing parents, relatives, close friends or even for yourself.

Eliminate stress

While many are aware of the need for Residential Care, few are aware of the stress that arises from having a family member with declining health and also the complexities that accompanies the application process. Age Care Directions are able to ease your stress by guiding you through the process, recommending good quality facilities, completing the paperwork, and helping you achieve a successful placement.  


Since its inception in 2005, Age Care Directions has assisted over a thousand elderly individuals and their families. By tapping into this vast experience we are able to provide guidance, simplify the process of applying for Residential Care and achieve successful outcomes, which is important as this will be your home for the rest of your life.

Quality Care

The facilities we recommend are the ones where you (or your relative) can be confident of receiving a high quality of care to meet your required care needs, along with a wide range of leisure activities. And our confidence in recommending these facilities is strengthened by the positive experiences and feedback provided by the families we have previously assisted.


Most high quality Residential Care facilities in Adelaide have waiting lists, and it can be several months before a vacancy is offered. Through our application strategy, together with the close liaison we share with Residential Care providers and the advocacy we provide on your behalf, we have an excellent record of achieving an early placement.  Usually, this happens within one to two weeks from when we meet with you.


Not only do we advocate on your behalf in finding a placement for you, but we are also available after the placement to assist with any issues or concerns that may arise, at no extra cost.


Families often find during the process of placing a loved one in Residential Care that they are met with a degree of resistance from that person, and they also experience a feeling of guilt. Many families take advantage of phoning us and talking through the issues that are concerning them or to receive reassurance about the decision they have made.


While we are not licensed to provide financial advice, we are able to explain the various fees and charges that apply to Residential Care and provide you with an estimate of the amount of those fees and the options for payment. What’s more, we can also assist with completion of the ‘Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment’ form. Upon request, we are able to provide you with contact details of financial advisors who have a thorough understanding of aged care fees and charges.


We offer a free phone consultation and when you decide to engage our services we can visit your home to complete the necessary documentation. We are available to meet outside normal business hours. 

After we have met, you are welcome to phone us should you have any questions or require further assistance, even after placement has taken place.

Other Services

We can also link you to real estate and other professionals who are able to assist with the sale of your house and disposal of surplus personal assets.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more