Pathways Information Service

Pathways Information Service

Founded in 2005, Age Care Directions is driven by our passion for helping older people and their families to find the best possible solutions to their care and accommodation requirements. Age Care Directions has assisted hundreds of families in Adelaide with accessing aged care and suitable retirement accommodation. We have proven knowledge and experience with assisting families navigate the aged care maze throughout Adelaide, including the Fluerieu Peninsula, Adelaide Hills and the Gawler District and can also liaise with family members living in the country, interstate or overseas.

Our Pathways Information service aims to assist people who are;

  • elderly and wish to explore their aged care and accommodation options, but don’t know where to start

  • retired or are approaching retirement, and wish to be informed so they can plan ahead

  • concerned about the health of a family member and would like to know what are the most appropriate options available  


While Australia is ageing at an increasing rate, the generation that now finds itself facing retirement is unlike its predecessors. This new audience of existing and soon-to-be retirees is seeking a new perspective on ageing and how to be more in control of the uncertainties that accompany this challenging phase of life.

With a greater demand for care and accommodation, it will be those who are armed with knowledge that will be best placed to access those services. And from a lifestyle and financial perspective, they can plan ahead to ensure that the decisions they make lead to optimal outcomes.

How can we help?

Age Care Directions offers our Pathways Information Service that is personalized to your needs.

This service includes a free phone consultation followed by a visit to your home, where we will undertake an assessment of your health and care needs.

An outline of our Pathways Information Service is;

  • we provide you with information on all aged care and accommodation options, taking into account your health, care needs and financial position, including;

    • advice on appropriate Retirement Accommodation options

    • making you aware of the alternatives of In Home Care as you age, with the aim of enabling you to continue to maintain an independent lifestyle, and to remain living in your own home for as long as possible

    • understanding Residential Care and the appropriate time to access it

  • inform you on how to access these options

  • outline the costs involved

  • provide a written report summarising the information discussed at our meeting and suggesting an appropriate course of action

Why use us?

There are many reasons why you might consider engaging our services, either for your ageing parents, relatives, close friends or even for yourself.

Eliminate stress

While many are aware of the need for aged care, few are aware of the stress that arises from having to navigate the aged care maze.  Age Care Directions are able to ease your stress by guiding you through the process, explaining aged care and accommodation options, and helping you achieve successful outcomes. 


Since its inception in 2005, Age Care Directions has assisted hundreds of elderly individuals and their families. By tapping into this vast experience we are able to provide guidance and simplify the process, whether it be planning ahead for your future, or to help you to decide what services you need to access now.


Unfortunately, many people don’t plan ahead with their aged care and accommodation. As a result, they often leave decisions too late to change accommodation, or their health deteriorates and a leads to a crisis arising. By being in the know, you can ensure that you act in a timely manner, and are ahead of the pack with accessing the care and accommodation your require. By planning ahead, you may also be able to structure your finances to ensure you can afford the services you will require, while also minimising the costs you will be required to pay.

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