In Home Care - FAQ

What Home Care options can I access?

The highest level of Government subsidised In Home Care is a Home Care Package. There are 4 levels starting at Level 1 (the lowest level) up to Level 4 (the highest level).  An entry level of Government subsidised care is provided under the Commonwealth Home Support Program. And you also have the option of accessing private care, which is not subsidised by the Government.

How can I obtain a Home Care Package?

Prior to accessing a Home Care Package, you will require an ACAT assessment approval (refer above), Once that approval is granted your name will go on a National waiting list (National Queue). When your name comes up on the National Queue, you will receive a letter advising you that the funding allocation for your Home Care Package has been approved. This may take several months to occur.


What do I have to do when I receive notification of funding approval for a Home Care Package?  

You need to obtain the services of a provider to deliver the Home Care Package to you. After you have received written notification that your allocation of funding has been granted, you have 56 days to engage the services of a provider. There is provision for a further 28 day extension by calling My Aged Care.

How long do I have to wait to receive notification of funding approval for a Home Care Package?

The National Queue is very long and it could take several months for your funding approval. In some instances, you will receive approval for a lower level of funding as an interim step, then at a later time receive the full funding for the level of care you were approved to receive.

How do I choose a provider?

You will need to contact a provider of your choice and ask them to provide the services you require. Providers charge different fees, so some may provide more hours of care to you than others. So you may wish to request more than one provider to give you a quote. Alternatively, Age Care Directions can act on your behalf and find the provider who is able to offer you the best outcome.

What  fees can the providers charge?

Providers may charge an Administration Fee, a Case Management Fee and an Exit Fee, should you decide to change providers. These fees are deducted from your Home Care Package funds allocation, meaning the higher these fees, the less care you will receive. Providers are able to charge different rates for the above fees, and not all providers charge all of the fees. So it pays to shop around.

What services can I access under a Home Care Package?

There are a large number of services you can access. They range from assistance with personal care, such as showering & dressing, to home tasks, including shopping, cooking, cleaning & laundry, or even social support, such as an outing or someone sitting with you at home and having a chat. You can even use your funding on aids and equipment.

If I don’t use all my allocating funding will it carry over to the flowing year?

Yes. Any funding that is not utilised will be available for you to use the following year.

What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care is where you, the consumer, can decide what you require assistance with, rather than being given a selection of items by the provider to choose from. Consumer Directed Care gives you complete control when making decisions about the types of care and services you wish to access.


What is a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)?

This is an entry level of care which is offered by a large number of providers. The ACAT approval will usually itemise a selection of services you can access under CHSP. You will need a provider for each item you wish to access, so you may find that you have two or more providers. This level of care may be suitable as an interim step, while you are waiting on confirmation of your Home Care Package funding allocation.


What is the cost of the Commonwealth Home Support Program?

You will pay a fee for each service you access, however the cost of each service will be subsidised by the Government, so the cost should be relatively low.

What is the cost of a Home Care Package?

You will be required to pay a Basic Daily Care Fee, which is paid by everyone, and also an Income Tested Fee, which is means tested and only payable if your income exceeds the threshold amount. This is determined by you lodging a ‘Aged Care Fees Income Assessment’.

Does the cost of a Home Care Package vary between the different levels?

No. The fees you will be required to pay for a Level 4 package should be no greater than for a Level 1 package. However, the amount your provider deducts by way of administration and case management fees is usually a percentage of your allocation, so the amounts they deduct are likely to be higher for a Level 4 package.

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