Finding A Resolution -  Case Study

We were contacted by a son whose mother had been admitted into a Residential Care facility. They were very unhappy because a lady in an adjoining room, suffering from Dementia, was very intrusive and constantly entering his mother’s room.

We met with the family at the facility to discuss further and assist them with finding a solution. While their mother was otherwise happy with the facility, the intrusion from the lady led them to feel that she would need to relocate to another facility.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the lady would prefer to remain at the facility. We advised the family to arrange a meeting with the Manager of the facility and express their concerns. We felt confident a solution could be found.

While we were discussing this a staff member became aware of our meeting. As a result, a meeting with the Manager was arranged immediately afterwards. The lady with Dementia was moved into a different room.

Upon follow up we ascertained the family was very pleased with the outcome and their mother was happy to remain at the facility.

As part of our Residential Care placement service, you are able to contact us to ask any questions or to discuss any concerns, even after placement has been completed. If the situation is more complex, we can offer our Pathways service, where we meet with you, discuss the issues that are of concern, then advise you as to how they may be best resolved.

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