Choosing The Best Option - Case Study


We were contacted by a daughter whose father had been admitted into Residential Care facility. He had been admitted to hospital and was unable to return home. As he was ready to be discharged from hospital it became urgent to find him a placement in Residential Care. Due to the urgency, the daughter was not fully aware of the costs that were payable by her father or the options available for payment.

Upon investigation it was ascertained that an Accommodation Cost of $499,000 was payable, which the daughter felt was unaffordable. It was also discovered that a request for an Assets and Income Assessment had not been lodged, meaning her father may be assessed to pay for the full cost of his care. One issue was that her sister was living in the family home, meaning it could not be sold.

The daughter was happy with the facility, and said her father’s health had improved since he was admitted. She was hopeful that he could stay there.

We were able to provide assistance by;

  • Helping the daughter with completion and lodgement of the Assets and Income assessment.

  • Providing her with a summary of the costs payable at that facility and also a comparison of costs at facilities located nearby.

  • Making her aware of the options available for payment of those costs- especially the Accommodation Cost.

  • Contacting the facility where he had been admitted and discussing options, including a reduction in the Accommodation Cost or relocating to another room with a cheaper cost.

Given her father had settled well in the facility and his health had significantly improved, we recommended that he remain at that facility and the family discuss a discount to the Accommodation Cost with the facility. Relocating to another facility would be unsettling for her father and returning home would likely lead to a deterioration in his health, and lead to a recurrence of carer’s stress for the daughter living at home.

The daughter agreed and felt it would be affordable for her father to remain at the facility. They were able to explore a practical alternative accommodation option for her sister.

Through our experience, know-how and advocacy, we were able to inform the daughter of the fees and charges, and make her aware of her father’s care and accommodation options. By asking some key questions, it was evident her father’s health had improved significantly since his admission to the facility, and that the preferred option would be for him to remain there.

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