Carers Stress - Case Study

We were contacted by a son whose mother was finding it very difficult to continue to manage her husband’s care needs, and was seeking respite care for her husband for a couple of weeks. We met with the parents in their retirement village unit, together with the son and his wife.

The husband was suffering from dementia. The wife had been his carer for the past couple of years, but had finally reached the stage where she was not coping and needed a break.

We undertook a medical review of the husband and found he required a lot of assistance with his daily care needs. Although the family had some In Home Care assistance, it was inadequate, and it was clear that the wife was suffering from extreme carer’s stress.

We discussed the care options with the family and eventually it was agreed that respite care would not effectively alleviate the situation, and that permanent Residential Care was needed. We explained the process to the family, outlined the fees and charges, and recommended facilities through which to lodge applications, with a focus on their location and the quality of care provided. We also assisted them with completing the Assets and Income Assessment.

The following morning we received a phone call from the son advising his mother had suffered from a collapse and had been admitted to hospital. While they could look after his father for a short period of time, his Residential Care placement was urgent.

We lodged the applications, advised the facilities of the situation and the urgency for placement, and found a suitable facility for the father to move to within a few days. The family were happy to accept the offer of placement and were very pleased with the outcome.

Carers stress is an insidious disease, which can have a harmful effect on the health of the carer. Through our experience, know-how and advocacy, we were able to assess the care needs of the husband and also the impact of being the carer was having on the health of the wife. We were able to recommend an appropriate course of action to the family, then respond promptly when the situation became more urgent.

We offer our Residential Care placement service where we can find you a good quality facility to move to. If difficulties arise and the placement becomes more urgent, we are able to act promptly, advise and guide you through the process, and advocate on your behalf, until a successful outcome is achieved.

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