Advice & Info for Children of Ageing Parents

You may have experienced the jolt of concern when you have visited your ageing parents in their home and see that they are struggling to cope living independently. Or you may have visited your elderly mother in hospital to hear that the doctor is saying that she cannot return home and needs to be placed in Residential Care (Nursing Home). These scenarios are very common and are very stressful for children of ageing parents. Thankfully, Age Care Directions can help by providing advice and information through our Pathways Information Service.


Often when children of ageing parents notice them experiencing difficulties they are unsure what to do. They are not aware of the care and accommodation services available to assist elderly people or how to access them. They have busy lives with their own families and work commitments and have neither the time nor the energy to understanding the aged care system.

Coupled with concerns about ageing parents and their poor health and/or difficulties coping, is the added complexity of their parent’s resistance and reduced insight into their situation. Many children struggle with talking to their parents about their concerns, as they really don’t know how to approach the issue. Along with this is the expectation of the ageing parent that their children will look after them when they get older, especially daughters. Also, children sense the fear and anxieties that older people experience as they look to their futures. 

This is where Age Care Directions can help with their advice and information for children of ageing parents in Adelaide.

How can we help?


Age Care Directions gives you the opportunity to discuss all your concerns about your parents and we will then provide guidance to you as to what care and accommodation services are available, how to access these services and what are the costs and fees. We can also guide you in your approach to your parents, coaching you on what to say and how to act. We will point you in the right direction for their successful ageing.


We can meet with you in your own home and provide you with the advice and information you are seeking. You may wish other family members, and even your parents, to be present at this meeting.  This advice and information is then summarised into a report for you to refer to. You also have the ability to contact the team at Age Care Directions to ask any further questions, because we all know that life is about constant change.

This advice and information is presented to you in a way to enable you to be supportive to your parents with this next stage in their lives. By having impartial and professional advice, Age Care Directions can ease the stress for you. Simply call us and chat about your parents and we can arrange to meet.


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