Advice for Retirees

We may all be aware of the statistics but there are more and more of the generation of Baby Boomers that are now retiring and entering this stage of life. For most of us, it is something we have eagerly been awaiting, where we can do many of the activities such as travelling that we didn’t have time for when we were working. Also for many of us, we have put money aside for years through superannuation and we are keen to enjoy the fruits of our labour.


Whatever our feelings about retirement are, we also have certain considerations and questions. For instance, you may be thinking about downsizing to something smaller than the family home. Or there may be a health issue that you have that gets you thinking about your future. This is where Age Care Directions can help with their advice and information for retirees in Adelaide.

Dreams and Desires

Age Care Directions gives you the opportunity to sit down with you in your own home and for you to outline your care and accommodation wishes in your retirement. Using our extensive range of experience and knowledge, we can discuss with you all the options relating to accommodation, lifestyle and care. Taking into account your health and finances, the team at Age Care Directions can tailor their advice and information according to your individual situation.

When is it the right time to act?

Many retirees have the intention of downsizing but leave it too late. Often a health issue arises, meaning it is more difficult to maintain an independent lifestyle. If this is the case, a change of accommodation may only be a short term fix, and a further move to more supported accommodation may be required.

If you are thinking of moving to a Retirement Village it is best you do so when you are aged in your 60s or early to mid 70s. Heavy exit fees apply when you vacate your Retirement Village unit, and while these fees are on a sliding scale according to the time you have lived there, they generally reach their maximum within 3-5 years of you moving in. So, the longer you are there, the less the financial impact.

If your spouse has health issues and you become their carer, it is important to access help sooner rather than later. Accessing In Home Care is likely to increase the length of time you are able to continue living independently, and may also reduce the risk of you suffering from carer’s stress, which can impact negatively on your health.

The same applies when accessing Residential Care. By planning ahead and making this move sooner rather than later, it is likely you will have more choice with your selection of facility. Unfortunately, many people wait until a health crisis occurs, which means the choice of facility is limited.      


Whether you need to access care or accommodation, there will be a cost. The costs of accessing these services varies significantly. Unfortunately there is much misinformation about them. So it makes sense to have a clear understanding of the costs, how they are assessed and the options available for payment. It may even enable you to plan ahead and structure your finances to ensure that you have sufficient funds to access the services you want, or to reduce the fees and charges you will be required to pay. Age Care Directions can provide you with information on the costs you will be required to pay and the options you have available for payment. And if you wish, we can also liaise with your financial adviser, to ensure they can structure your finances appropriately.

How can we help?

Road Map

We can meet with you and provide you with the advice and information you are seeking. You may wish other family members to be present at this meeting.  This advice and information is then summarised into a report for you to refer to. Almost like a road map in your retirement. You also have the ability to contact the team at Age Care Directions to ask any further questions, because we all know that life is about constant change.

With careful care and accommodation planning, just as many people have done with their finances, your retirement will be a time of joy, reward and accomplishment. Age Care Directions, with their advice and information for retirees in Adelaide and South Australia, can ease the stress of not knowing what to do next, provide support for you as you age and your care and accommodation needs change, and help you achieve successful outcomes.

And should there be a need to act now, we can assist by guiding you through the process and connect you to a provider who is able to offer a high quality of care and accommodation.


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