Accommodation Choices - Case Study

We were approached by a family who had moved from interstate and were considering their future accommodation options. They were aged in their early 80s, and while not having any significant health issues, the wife suffered from anxiety, and was very concerned about the prospect of ever being left to live alone.

They were considering two options. The first was to purchase a two bedroom home that was near completion. The second was to move into a Retirement Village.

We met with the family and their son. Firstly, we conducted a health assessment to assess their ability to live independently, and if they were in need of any In Home Care. Then we discussed the pros and cons of the two options they were considering. While the husband preferred moving into a house, and had no concerns should the situation arise that he would be living there alone, the wife was very anxious about the prospect of living alone.

Weighing up all the circumstances it was agreed that moving to a Retirement Village would be the preferred option. While they were relatively old for this option (the best time to move is in your 60s or early-mid 70s), given that they were both in relatively good health, it was reasonable to assume that this option would be suitable for the medium term, and that they would not need to move again in the foreseeable future. Also, if the wife were be living alone, there would be a community living close by, and that would help allay some of her concerns.

By moving into a house, if the wife were placed in a situation of living alone, she would need to relocate, meaning she would have the stress of moving again, and also additional costs as a result of doing so.

When considering your accommodation options when you are in your retirement years, it is wise to plan ahead. If you are considering Retirement Village living, don’t leave the move too late. If you are no longer able to live independently, it is likely a Retirement Village is no longer a suitable option for you.

The idea is to select the accommodation that meets both your short and longer term needs. Think about what services and amenities you may need in 10-20 years from now. By planning ahead then choosing wisely it is likely you will only need to make the one move, and this is likely to also be beneficial financially.

We offer our Pathways Information service where we can discuss your accommodation requirements, then provide you with information about suitable options, how to access them, and their costs.

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