Retirement Living

If you are concerned that your current residence may not be suitable for your retirement, Age Care Directions can guide you regarding the various options available. After all, moving residence involves a major lifestyle change that’s best dealt with by knowing all the options available and which ones best suit you.

Finding the Most Appropriate Accommodation for You

If you begin to experience significant health issues, an Independent Living Unit connected to a Residential Age Care facility may be a better option than a Unit or a Retirement Village. Alternatively, it is possible that with a few alterations, your existing accommodation can be made suitable for retirement. In such cases, we are able to advise you on which alterations would be worth considering.

How Can We Help?

Our service includes a free phone consultation followed by a visit to your home to better understand your wishes and needs. Aside from this we also take into consideration your current state of health and finances.

A written report is then prepared based on this information, which outlines our recommendations. Where appropriate we will also provide you with a list of suitable residences and their contact details.

Our objective is to ensure that, when considering your retirement options, your decision is based on what’s most suitable for your current and longer term needs. So that this process needn’t be repeated in the near future.