While Australia is ageing at an increasing rate, the generation that now finds itself facing retirement is unlike its predecessors. This new audience of soon-to-be retirees is seeking a new perspective on ageing and how to be more in control of the uncertainties that accompany this challenging phase of life.

If you are a financial planner or health professional, Age Well Pathways is perfect for you. This is a specialised program that develops a personalised management plan for guiding future retirees through their changing needs in housing, health and wellness as well as their lifestyle. Our consultants can work along with you to develop Age Well plans that will help your clients navigate through the challenges that come with age. After all, retiring from work shouldn’t mean retirement from life.

This plan is personalised and will be the basis for future plans and discussions. It involves several factors which include (but are not limited to):

• Advice on appropriate retirement living options
• Options with housing as your clients age
• Making them aware of the alternatives of care as they age
• Empowering them with information so they can keep up to date with age care changes